Unveiling Drapes: Honouring Icons

At Unveiling Curtains, we take immense pride in being an integral part of unforgettable reveal moments. One of our recent unveils took us to Dartford, where we crafted a custom drape, tailored  to their specific event. This event saw bronze statues of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards revealed by our beautiful light blue satin drape. Aptly named ‘The Glimmer Twins’, these stunning statues are the handiwork of the exceptionally talented Amy Goodman. Dartford is the two icon’s hometown and their bronze statues will now be a permanent fixture in the towns high-street.

We understand every event is unique and deserves a bespoke touch. That’s why we offer a wide range of unveiling drapes in various colours and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your occasion. Whether you’re unveiling a celebrity statue, a work of art, or an important business milestone, our drapes are designed to elevate the moment and leave a lasting impression. Our dedication to customisation sets us apart. We provide the option for our unveiling drapes to be tailored specifically to your event or business ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision.

Our team is committed to working closely with you, turning your ideas into reality and creating a one-of-a-kind unveiling experience. We provide not only drapes but also reveal curtains that can offer you an unveiling solution for any occasion. Get in touch with us today, to talk to one of our team members at 01904 658322, or visit our website for more information: https://www.unveilingcurtains.co.uk/…/easel-drape…/ 


Everything you need to know about our Unveiling Curtains: FAQ’S

Here at Unveiling Curtains, we know that not everyone is as expert in the area of event reveal curtains as we are and we’re here to change that! So if you have any questions about unveiling curtains or simply want to know more, don’t hesitate to keep reading or give us a call at 01904 658322.

In this blog we will visit some FAQ’s surrounding our unveiling curtains, which will hopefully help you decide which system could be right for you!

  1. What are unveiling curtains and what are they used for?

Unveiling Curtains are specially designed curtains that are used in ceremonial events to build anticipation for your audience before revealing an object, artwork, plaque or product. We supply different types of curtains for different events as the object revealed can be different sizes. They are an essential element in creating a memorable and impactful big reveal.

2. What variations of curtain systems do you provide?

Our variations of curtain systems include our two main (and most popular) curtain systems: Freestanding and Wall-Mounted. Alongside our other options which include our Plaque Unveiling Easels with Drapes/Curtains and our Bespoke Branded Unveiling Drapes.

Freestanding Curtain Systems:

We have several freestanding reveal curtains available for hire. Our curtains are excellent quality velvet and where available you can choose from several colours: blue, red, purple,green or black. The curtains are mounted onto a frame which comes with easy instructions to erect, we also have a YouTube video which involves a step-by-step guide. Attached is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C4ZLEO-vDI.

Our freestanding unveiling curtains are ideal for unveilings that the plaque, product etc is not fixed in their forever place as our freestanding curtain system is portable.

Wall-Mounted Curtain Systems:

We have several wall-mounted unveiling curtains available for hire. Similar to our freestanding curtain systems, we have several different colours and sizes available. The curtains are also mounted onto a beautifully finished plinth ready for you to mount into position with easy fixings.


Wherever your plaque is fixed, our wall-mounted curtains are perfect for these unveilings.

Plaque Unveiling Easel with Drape/Curtains:

Our hand-crafted unveiling easel can be supplied with a beautiful satin drape with a gold pull or plush velvet curtains.  If you opt for a drape, it can also be made bespoke with your branding or logo, these can be purchased separately too. Our easels are easily portable and are perfect to place your plaque onto for an effortless reveal.

3. How does the shipping work?

Delivery and collection costs are included in the price given or shown on the website, our courier drop off the curtain system prior to your event and will collect the curtains on the collection date arranged. This is a simple and effortless process for our customers.

4.  How far in advance should I book my unveiling curtains?

We recommend booking our unveiling curtains at least a week in advance, this ensures we have plenty of time for our courier to get them to you before your event and it allows for more choice of colours and curtain system sizes. However, we always accommodate late requests as best we can, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

5. Do you provide installation services?

Yes we do! If you want this service it can be quoted for you on request.

6. What are the costs of our hire reveal curtains?

You can find the costs of our unveiling curtains on our website, just visit https://www.unveilingcurtains.co.uk/ or if you want to find out more information, give us a call at 01904 658322.




Wall-Mounted Curtain Systems for Blue Plaques

Calling all Doctor Who fans!

Here are some recent images from one of our recent customers, Mill Hill School. They hired our red wall-mounted curtain system to unveil a blue heritage plaque dedicated to the second Doctor Who, Patrick Troughton.

The plaque was unveiled at Mill Hill School, which was Patrick’s former school and legends of classic Doctor Who gathered to pay tribute to the actor. The Doctor Who Appreciation Society organised for the plaque to be placed at the school’s Patrick Troughton Theatre.

Our unveiling curtains are often provided for customers looking to reveal blue plaques. Paired with our wall-mounted curtains, the reveal of blue plaques can be a stunning ceremonial event, witnessed by diverse audiences. We understand the cultural and historical significance of blue plaques in commemorating individuals or events and believe our reveal curtains are the perfect accompaniment for a spectacular unveiling.

We provide wall-mounted curtains in a range of different sizes and colours (the most popular being either blue or red). Our curtains are made from excellent quality velvet and are already mounted onto a beautifully finished plinth, ready for you to mount into position with easy fixings.

Contact us today on 01904 658322 to speak to a member of our team who will be happy to guide you into choosing the perfect unveiling curtain system for you!

Elevate Your Events with Unveiling Curtains

Here at Unveiling Curtains, we believe every event is an opportunity to celebrate achievements, new openings, the launch of new products and anniversary’s. These events are milestones in that business’s history and we are here to make this milestones special.

We provide Unveiling Curtains that make any reveal spectacular, from plaque reveals to product launches, we have the perfect unveiling system for you. The element of surprise and anticipation that our unveiling curtains are designed to give during these events elevates the reveal experience for your audience.

Our curtains also give a chance for your company to create beautiful social media posts centered around your celebrations.

Here our blue freestanding curtain system was chosen by Ascensos to reveal a plaque to commemorate their 10th anniversary. All eyes were drawn to our curtain system as the gold cord was pulled to reveal their engraved plaque.

Whilst Ascensos chose our curtains for a milestone celebration, its crucial to understand that our curtains aren’t limited to such events. Here are some examples of events our customers have hired our unveiling curtains for:

  • Product reveals
  • Event openings
  • Plaque unveils
  • Anniversaries

Royal Unveiling at CEFAS


Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal opens The Centre for the Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science’s Laboratory in Lowestoft. Picture by Steve Gardiner/Graphic Solutions

Witness our Plaque Unveiling Easels with Curtains being used in another Royal Unveiling, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visited the newly refurbished CEFAS Laboratory in Lowestoft. The visit marked CEFAS unwavering commitment to marine science and commemorated the formal opening of their new headquarters.

Our team takes immense pride in creating exceptional pieces for significant events like this one. We understand the importance that these events hold for companies nationwide and our dedication is to achieving nothing but excellence.

Our beautifully hand-crafted unveiling easel, complete with plush velvet curtains, added an air of sophistication to this momentous occasion. For plaques that are not fixed in their forever place, an unveiling easel with curtains is the perfect choice. This way the unveiling holds its significance whilst maintaining a sense of elegance and prestige.

Moreover, the use of an unveiling easel allows for flexibility in choosing the location and timing of the ceremony. Whether it’s an indoor gathering at a corporate office, an exhibition hall, or an outdoor event at a park or garden, our unveiling easel adapts seamlessly to any setting. Its portability ensures that the plaque can be presented with grace, regardless of the event’s location.

Unveiling of The Windrush Building at Highgate Wood School

Check out these incredible snapshots from the recent grand opening of the Windrush Building at Highgate Wood School. The esteemed TV Legend Sir Trevor McDonald joined in unveiling the commemorative plaque to celebrate the opening.

A successful event is often the result of meticulous planning and attention to detail, and Unveiling Curtains is a company that specializes in creating memorable moments through their expertise in ceremonial unveilings. From Royal Unveilings, to educational milestones, Unveiling Curtains is committed to ensuring we deliver excellence at every reveal.

Our reveal curtains play a vital role in any unveiling or opening event and our team understands this, which is why all delivery and collection costs are covered in the initial price. We pride ourselves on the ease of our curtain hire service for our customers, therefore we prioritise early curtain delivery where possible to ensure you can get them ready in place for your unveiling event.

Take a look at one of our recent Google Reviews, ‘a great company to work with, fast, friendly, professional, efficient and a very good price. I highly recommend’. We pride ourselves on being a company that goes above and beyond for our customers, so for any enquiries you may have dont hesitate to get in touch with us at 01904 400800.

Wall-Mounted Curtain Unveiling at Height

Unveiling Curtains were delighted to receive such wonderful images of the ceremonial event which saw the unveiling of the Restored Coat Of Arms at St Osyth. As experts in the field, we take immense pride in offering an extensive selection of curtain systems available in a variety of colours and sizes, from wall-mounted curtain systems to plaque unveilings using our easel and drape hire service, we’ve got you covered.
For this unveiling, our wall mounted curtain system was used at height, Unveiling Curtains specialise in curtain reveals at height as we provide an extended pulling cord, personalised to the height of your unveiling.
Experience an effortless curtain unveiling experience with Unveiling Curtains, and let our expert team guide you in choosing your perfect curtain reveal system, get in touch today at 01904 400800.

Plaque Unveiling Using Our Purple Freestanding Curtain System

We are honoured to assist with our hire curtains for the opening of Hyllden Heights Care Home in Hildenborough, graciously unveiled by Mr Nicholas Hely, the Deputy Lieutenant of Kent. Doesn’t out purple freestanding curtain system look stunning here in the sun! 
The event brought together a vibrant community, with local councillors, NHS partners, Stocks Green Primary School and supportive businesses joining the first residents and their families to welcome them to their new home.
When it comes to unveiling plaques, our reveal curtains are the perfect choice. Elevate your plaque unveiling ceremonies, corporate events or special occasions with our exceptional unveiling curtain hire services. Contact us today at 01904 400800.

Free Standing, Wall-Mounted or Easel and Drape Curtain Hire

Here at Unveiling Curtains we provide a variety of different curtain reveal systems, each one slightly differing in its unveiling purpose. In this blog post, we will explore the different systems we provide and this will hopefully assist you in choosing the perfect unveiling curtain to enhance your unveiling event!

Freestanding Curtain Systems

Freestanding curtain systems are renowned for their versatility and ease of use. The self-supporting structures are designed to be portable and adjustable, making them ideal for various event setups. Our sturdy freestanding frame is made from aluminium, with our high-quality plush velvet curtains attached to it. They come with simple instructions making them easy to erect and also included is a temporary backboard, which your plaque can be mounted on if it does not yet have its forever place.

Freestanding curtain systems offer flexibility in terms of placement so whether your organising a commemorative event, plaque reveal or exhibition, freestanding curtains are ideal. We also offer a variety of colours and sizes in our freestanding curtain systems the colours range from: blue; red; purple; green or black and you can contact us to find out what size would best suit your unveiling.

Wall-Mounted Curtain Systems

If your plaque is mounted in its forever place, wall-mounted curtains are the one for you! These curtains are already mounted onto a beautifully finished plinth, ready for you to mount into the perfect position on the wall with easy fixings. They are fitted with a gold pull allowing for easy opening and closing and come in different sizes and colours.

We take care of all curtain delivery and collection logistics, allowing you to focus on the success of your event. Our dedicated team handles the arrangements, ensuring a seamless experience for you. The curtains are conveniently packaged and delivered in a single bag, keeping them protected during transit. Whenever possible, we strive to send out the curtains in advance, giving you ample time to position them and prepare for your event.

Unveiling Easels

Plaque unveiling easels serve as a sturdy and stylish platform for showcasing plaques of significance. Our easels are specifically designed to elevate and present plaques in a prominent and eye-catching manner. Whether its a commemorative plaque, an award or a dedication plaque, our unveiling easels offers a beautiful high-quality display stand.

Hand crafted from wood, our easels can be supplied by an unveiling mechanism of your choosing. We provide our unveiling curtains with plush velvet curtains, with a choice of either red or blue. Or we supply unveiling drapes, made from satin and complete with a gold pull. Our unveiling drapes are available in a range of different colours and we can also personalise them with your business branding or logo.


Plaque Reveal

Our A3 brass plaque looks stunning here in this reveal, can you notice the printed crest featured above the engraved and black enamel filled text? Here at Unveiling Curtains, we believe that every detail matters which is why we are able to print custom crests or logos onto any form of plaque. Personalising your commemorative plaque can visually transform its appearance. Our plaques not only add sophistication to your event, but also provide a lasting keepsake that captures the essences of the occasion.
Our plaques are complimented by our high-quality velvet reveal curtains, perfect for any unveiling. Whether your unveiling a statue, portrait, plaque or sign, we will be your unveiling solution. We provide reveal drapes, wall-mounted curtains, freestanding curtains and easels for all your reveal needs!
Take a look at this unveiling, where our blue wall-mounted unveiling curtains enhance the overall reveal of our beautifully engraved plaque to commemorate HMS Seahawk’s newly revamped Wardroom.
Get in touch with us for more information on our plaques or hire curtains at 01904 400800 or visit our website at
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