Elevate Your Events with Unveiling Curtains

Here at Unveiling Curtains, we believe every event is an opportunity to celebrate achievements, new openings, the launch of new products and anniversary’s. These events are milestones in that business’s history and we are here to make this milestones special.

We provide Unveiling Curtains that make any reveal spectacular, from plaque reveals to product launches, we have the perfect unveiling system for you. The element of surprise and anticipation that our unveiling curtains are designed to give during these events elevates the reveal experience for your audience.

Our curtains also give a chance for your company to create beautiful social media posts centered around your celebrations.

Here our blue freestanding curtain system was chosen by Ascensos to reveal a plaque to commemorate their 10th anniversary. All eyes were drawn to our curtain system as the gold cord was pulled to reveal their engraved plaque.

Whilst Ascensos chose our curtains for a milestone celebration, its crucial to understand that our curtains aren’t limited to such events. Here are some examples of events our customers have hired our unveiling curtains for:

  • Product reveals
  • Event openings
  • Plaque unveils
  • Anniversaries