Free Standing, Wall-Mounted or Easel and Drape Curtain Hire

Here at Unveiling Curtains we provide a variety of different curtain reveal systems, each one slightly differing in its unveiling purpose. In this blog post, we will explore the different systems we provide and this will hopefully assist you in choosing the perfect unveiling curtain to enhance your unveiling event!

Freestanding Curtain Systems

Freestanding curtain systems are renowned for their versatility and ease of use. The self-supporting structures are designed to be portable and adjustable, making them ideal for various event setups. Our sturdy freestanding frame is made from aluminium, with our high-quality plush velvet curtains attached to it. They come with simple instructions making them easy to erect and also included is a temporary backboard, which your plaque can be mounted on if it does not yet have its forever place.

Freestanding curtain systems offer flexibility in terms of placement so whether your organising a commemorative event, plaque reveal or exhibition, freestanding curtains are ideal. We also offer a variety of colours and sizes in our freestanding curtain systems the colours range from: blue; red; purple; green or black and you can contact us to find out what size would best suit your unveiling.

Wall-Mounted Curtain Systems

If your plaque is mounted in its forever place, wall-mounted curtains are the one for you! These curtains are already mounted onto a beautifully finished plinth, ready for you to mount into the perfect position on the wall with easy fixings. They are fitted with a gold pull allowing for easy opening and closing and come in different sizes and colours.

We take care of all curtain delivery and collection logistics, allowing you to focus on the success of your event. Our dedicated team handles the arrangements, ensuring a seamless experience for you. The curtains are conveniently packaged and delivered in a single bag, keeping them protected during transit. Whenever possible, we strive to send out the curtains in advance, giving you ample time to position them and prepare for your event.

Unveiling Easels

Plaque unveiling easels serve as a sturdy and stylish platform for showcasing plaques of significance. Our easels are specifically designed to elevate and present plaques in a prominent and eye-catching manner. Whether its a commemorative plaque, an award or a dedication plaque, our unveiling easels offers a beautiful high-quality display stand.

Hand crafted from wood, our easels can be supplied by an unveiling mechanism of your choosing. We provide our unveiling curtains with plush velvet curtains, with a choice of either red or blue. Or we supply unveiling drapes, made from satin and complete with a gold pull. Our unveiling drapes are available in a range of different colours and we can also personalise them with your business branding or logo.