Plaque Reveal

Our A3 brass plaque looks stunning here in this reveal, can you notice the printed crest featured above the engraved and black enamel filled text? Here at Unveiling Curtains, we believe that every detail matters which is why we are able to print custom crests or logos onto any form of plaque. Personalising your commemorative plaque can visually transform its appearance. Our plaques not only add sophistication to your event, but also provide a lasting keepsake that captures the essences of the occasion.
Our plaques are complimented by our high-quality velvet reveal curtains, perfect for any unveiling. Whether your unveiling a statue, portrait, plaque or sign, we will be your unveiling solution. We provide reveal drapes, wall-mounted curtains, freestanding curtains and easels for all your reveal needs!
Take a look at this unveiling, where our blue wall-mounted unveiling curtains enhance the overall reveal of our beautifully engraved plaque to commemorate HMS Seahawk’s newly revamped Wardroom.
Get in touch with us for more information on our plaques or hire curtains at 01904 400800 or visit our website at
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