Everything you need to know about our Unveiling Curtains: FAQ’S

Here at Unveiling Curtains, we know that not everyone is as expert in the area of event reveal curtains as we are and we’re here to change that! So if you have any questions about unveiling curtains or simply want to know more, don’t hesitate to keep reading or give us a call at 01904 658322.

In this blog we will visit some FAQ’s surrounding our unveiling curtains, which will hopefully help you decide which system could be right for you!

  1. What are unveiling curtains and what are they used for?

Unveiling Curtains are specially designed curtains that are used in ceremonial events to build anticipation for your audience before revealing an object, artwork, plaque or product. We supply different types of curtains for different events as the object revealed can be different sizes. They are an essential element in creating a memorable and impactful big reveal.

2. What variations of curtain systems do you provide?

Our variations of curtain systems include our two main (and most popular) curtain systems: Freestanding and Wall-Mounted. Alongside our other options which include our Plaque Unveiling Easels with Drapes/Curtains and our Bespoke Branded Unveiling Drapes.

Freestanding Curtain Systems:

We have several freestanding reveal curtains available for hire. Our curtains are excellent quality velvet and where available you can choose from several colours: blue, red, purple,green or black. The curtains are mounted onto a frame which comes with easy instructions to erect, we also have a YouTube video which involves a step-by-step guide. Attached is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C4ZLEO-vDI.

Our freestanding unveiling curtains are ideal for unveilings that the plaque, product etc is not fixed in their forever place as our freestanding curtain system is portable.

Wall-Mounted Curtain Systems:

We have several wall-mounted unveiling curtains available for hire. Similar to our freestanding curtain systems, we have several different colours and sizes available. The curtains are also mounted onto a beautifully finished plinth ready for you to mount into position with easy fixings.


Wherever your plaque is fixed, our wall-mounted curtains are perfect for these unveilings.

Plaque Unveiling Easel with Drape/Curtains:

Our hand-crafted unveiling easel can be supplied with a beautiful satin drape with a gold pull or plush velvet curtains.  If you opt for a drape, it can also be made bespoke with your branding or logo, these can be purchased separately too. Our easels are easily portable and are perfect to place your plaque onto for an effortless reveal.

3. How does the shipping work?

Delivery and collection costs are included in the price given or shown on the website, our courier drop off the curtain system prior to your event and will collect the curtains on the collection date arranged. This is a simple and effortless process for our customers.

4.  How far in advance should I book my unveiling curtains?

We recommend booking our unveiling curtains at least a week in advance, this ensures we have plenty of time for our courier to get them to you before your event and it allows for more choice of colours and curtain system sizes. However, we always accommodate late requests as best we can, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

5. Do you provide installation services?

Yes we do! If you want this service it can be quoted for you on request.

6. What are the costs of our hire reveal curtains?

You can find the costs of our unveiling curtains on our website, just visit https://www.unveilingcurtains.co.uk/ or if you want to find out more information, give us a call at 01904 658322.