We have an array of systems that are suitable for all portrait unveilings. Our extra-large free standing unveiling curtains are most popular for portrait unveilings, however some customers do opt for wall-mounted unveiling curtains dependant on size and positioning.

All curtains delivery and collection is arranged by us, so you can concentrate on the success of your event, the curtains are professionally packaged and delivered in one single bag. Where possible we send the curtains out early so you can get them in place ready for your event.

In addition, our beautiful Unveiling Easels are ideal for revealing a smaller portrait, either by a curtain or using one of our stunning drapes (both available in a range of colours). Our Unveiling Easel systems can be either hired or purchased and can be found on our site by clicking here.

Portrait Unveiling

For advice on the best system to fit your needs, please do not hesitate to press here and contact us and one of our team can assist.

Here are a few examples of portrait unveiling events we have hired our systems to in the past: